Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; The Bradesco Icon And Inspiration

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers and Presidents that Bradesco has ever had. He joined the group when he was only 18 years old. He worked in several departments at the bank and rose through the ranks to become the president. He was appointed to become the CEO at a time that Bradesco was experiencing a rough going on the markets. It had been overtaken by its main competitor in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi used all his skill and knowledge to restore the glory that the bank had slowly but surely began to lose.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; How He Did It

The term and service of Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco is almost mythical. It is a performance that will go down into the annals of Brazilian banking history as one of the most amazing. Trabuco was the fourth President of Bradesco in its 70-year existence. He was appointed to become the bank’s senior-most executive in 2009. He has achieved the dreams that the group’s first-ever President Amador Aguiar would have loved to do while he still ran the operations of the group at an early stage. Bradesco Group is one of the fastest growing banks in Brazil. It is the largest private bank with an asset base estimated to be in the tune of R $ 900. The bank also has the largest number of accounts held by a single bank in Brazil. It is apparent that with 27 million bank accounts and still rising, Bradesco is slated to achieve greater feats. Trabuco took several bold steps that helped Bradesco return to its leadership on the market. He led the bank in purchasing the American Bank. It is after the acquisition that Bradesco reasserted its dominance as a private bank again in Brazil. He also invested in market research. In one of the research reports that he commissioned, it is reported that over 100 million people will join the consumer market by the year 2025.

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Education, Life and Career Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in Marilia; a city that also happens to be the home of the group’s first-ever president. Mr. Trabuco is an embodiment of the group’s existence and goals. He studied Philosophy and Social Psychology at Sao Paulo University and Fundacao University respectively. Mr. Trabuco used his social psychology skills to rally support among the teams he led at the bank and achieved great success in the years that he served. He managed to organize a highly successful account opening drive that saw the bank register up to 6, 000 new accounts every day. He also pulled in the media and established a rapport with them. They helped to improve the bank’s public relations. In 1984, Mr. Trabuco was made the Department Director. He was promoted to the position of an Executive Managing Director. He became an Executive Vice President of the bank in 1999. His performance at Bradesco Seguros as its President was outstanding. He improved the standing of Seguros in the group by making it the one that contributed the most to the group’s profits by the end of each financial year. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was selected to become the President of Bradesco Group in 2009.

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Adam Milstein is an Israeli born philanthropist and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council where he currently chairs its national expansion division. He is also co-founder and president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, (MFF) that seeks to empower people of Jewish origin. Besides being a philanthropist, Adam Milstein is also a successful entrepreneur specializing in real estate investment with Hager Pacific Properties where he is one of the managing partner.

As part of his crusade concerning the plight of the Jewish people, Adam Milstein utilizes article writing as one of his methods. His latest article dated February 7th, 2018 in the Jewish News Syndicate(JNS) touches on anti-Semitism and how its negative impact on the country of Israel where he speaks on how lately anti-Semitism has been made a cornerstone in the radicalization of Islam. Two groups that traditionally have very different principles unite with the common goal of stopping Western influence, the radical leftists and the radical Muslims. The former has no regard for the fact that the latter tries to portray Muslims as one group and ignores the existence of radicalized and non-radicalized factions in Islam. Their anti-Semitism agenda is rooted in the claim that Jewish people are the cause of all the problems in the Middle East and the world in general. He gives the example of Linda Sarsour as an example of this clashing ideology, where she was an organizer of the Women’s March in Washington, DC while at the same time supporting the abuse of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. He also gives the example of Tufts University and New York University students that published guides that were profoundly anti-Semitic in bearing, openly accusing Israel of being a White Supremacist state.

Throughout the article, Adam Milstein highlights the influence of radical Islam in the demeaning of Israel and Jewish people. He tells of how Jewish people have been victims of the radicalization even dating back to the days of Adolf Hitler and the Jewish war. He concludes the article by warning that if this trend is allowed to continue especially in tertiary institutions, then the very future of the Jewish people is at stake.

Dark Predictions Made by Shervin Pishevar Using Twitter

Shervin Pishevar took to twitter in February 2018 to make some dark predictions about the US economy. He spent 21 hours between February 5th and 6th sending out 50 separate points that explain why he feels the stock market will continue to decline, why big companies will crash, and why solutions used by the government in the past to reset the market are no longer going to work.


It seems that Shervin Pishevar has a knack for predicting the future. More than 10 years ago, he predicted that Facebook would experience a crisis, and it did. He is a well-known super angel investor who got his start in the Silicon Valley area. He was chosen as an Outstanding American by Choice by the US government in the year 2012.


Shervin Pishevar feels that there are a couple of things that are to blame for the continued decline in the stock market that he predicts will be experienced. He specifically mentioned tax giveaways and rising interest rates. He feels that all asset classes have proven to be overvalued and that safety will not be found for any class.

Shervin Pishevar says that there is a collective blind eye when it comes to the power that giant companies like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft possess. He says that they are built on a monopoly framework and will lose their influence and may even completely crash. Because they have the power to buy out smaller businesses, they will ultimately make the entire system fail.


In times past, when the stock market has experienced a steep decline, the government has used quantitative easing. This allows central banks to buy bonds and eventually reset the market. Shervin Pishevar warns that Americans should not be fooled if the government turns to this solution as the stock market continues to decline. He says that this tool has been used too many times in the past and will not continue to be effective.


It seems like there is a bull’s-eye within the 50 tweets sent out by Shervin Pishevar. As he has expressed in the past, he feels that people need to realize that the entire system needs to be built from the ground up.

Stream Energy Creates Culture Of Giving Within Company

A year ago, Hurrican Harvey dropped as much as 56 inches of rain in some parts of the Houston area and caused devasting flooding that resulted in the loss of both life and property. And while many companies watched helplessly as the horror unfolded, Stream energy went to work providing relief to victims of the disaster.


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based company that uses direct selling methods to provide customers with energy service. Corporate philanthropy is a way of life for Stream and the company began Stream Cares to make formal its intent to provide ongoing philanthropy in both the state of Texas and throughout the country.


The business model at Stream Energy is basic in format but quite effective. Stream pays associates to build up a network of customers by selling discounted energy plans directly to them. The company provides services to both residential and corporate customers. Stream Energy also offers other products including mobile cell phone plans.


Associates working with Stream are essentially independent entrepreneurs that are paid with commissions from any sales they make.


Another important philanthropical pursuit for Stream is the issue of homelessness. This is seen at both the corporate and employee levels of the company as both groups regular track the statistics surrounding the homeless situation in Dallas.


Stream Energy has partnered with Hope Supply Company to cover the costs of the Splash for Hope event which provided meals to more than 1,000 homeless children in the area of North Texas. The event also affords the children a chance to have fun at a local water park, and experience that for many of them is the first of its kind.


Another example of the culture of compassion that has been crafted at Stream is the response by the company to the 2016 crisis caused by a number of Tornados making their presence known in North Texas a day after Christmas. Stream Energy and their associates went to work immediately and raised thousands of dollars over the next few days for North Texas residents that suffered losses to their homes and businesses. Additionally, Stream matched all donations made by associates.

Aloha Construction Wins the BBB Torch Award!

Aloha Construction won the BBB Torch Award in 2017!

But how did they take the steps to get there? Here are some of the steps that Aloha Construction and other businesses and companies took to win the coveted Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award. But first here are some facts about this company! Aloha Construction is a family owned company founded on November 1, 2008. They are located in Bloomington and Lake Zurich, IL. They specialize in fixing and replacing roofs, replacing siding, and fixing gutters in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They have an A+ rating from BBB and a 4.62 out of five stars customer review rating. “WE REIGN WHEN IT STORMS”, is their company motto.

You can find Aloha Construction Inc. on the web at (


Step 1:Keeping a Great Workplace Ethical Code.

Aloha Construction won the BBB Torch Award for their amazing workplace and community ethics. Some of the great ethics a business can have in their workplace code are; Honesty in everything, Taking the time to do the job right the first time and Thinking of the Customers fist. Always remember to provide Service with a Smile and a Thank-you!


Step 2: Treat Your Employees, Customers, and Community with Care, Respect, and Professionalism.

Your employees, customers, and community are the beating heart of your business. So keep your customers satisfied with your great performance, service, and pricing. And when your employees are professionally trained, well paid, and have good benefits, your company will prosper for many years to come!


Step 3: Always Do Your Best for the Company and Give Back to Those in Your Community!


Your company can do this by doing the tips I mentioned above. And also by getting involved in your community by starting a non-profit charity to help those in need or donate to different organizations to make a difference where you do business. It’s always important that your business isn’t always just about making a profit but making a difference in other people’s lives!

Rocketship Education Uses Testing to Monitor Student Growth

Standardized testing is one of the best ways to determine the progress of a student, as well as to determine where educators need to refocus their educational programs. For Rocketship Education students in Tennessee, the new testing assessments that are administered show that it is not just the progress of each student, but the overall growth that has occurred and where that growth is leading that matters. At Rocketship, educators understand that each student needs to have enough growth in a school year in order to perform at standard levels and keep up with students that aren’t facing the same educational barriers.

Rocketship Education charter schools have been using MAP scores to assess students, but now the rest of the students undergoing public school education in the state of Tennessee will also receive those same scores. These scores are important to the mission of this charter school because the majority of students enrolled have an education gap that they need to make up by the end of the year. Through the education they receive at Rocketship, students have proven that they can and do close that gap with the help of educators and parents, and close monitoring that is helped in part by MAP scores.

Rocketship Education is a unique charter school system that began in California, but has now spread across the nation. Educators target underprivileged communities where students face challenges such as poverty, but also unequal access to education through the public school system. At Rocketship, both educators and parents work with students, creating a community environment that is larger than the school and invested in improving the lives of every family through the education of children. Structured education, personalized curriculum and instruction, and dedicated educators that work with each child, parent, and family are essential to the success of every student, school, and community.

Dick DeVos helps to save Grand Rapids, Michigan, from same fate as Detroit

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is currently one of the most sought-after places to live, work and play of any city in the Midwest. The city has the typically low living costs of other Midwestern areas. But it also has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel, with vibrant nightlife, professional sports teams and many attractions located throughout its expansive borders, including being a standard stop for most of the top concert tours in North America.


Grand Rapids’ hip, upscale feel stands in stark contrast to some of its sister cities throughout Michigan. Names like Flint, Detroit and Battle Creek have become almost poisonous, being synonymous with violent crime, urban decay and failing schools. It was this latter category that gave Grand Rapids business leader Dick DeVos his first taste of the extreme menace that urban decay and flight can pose to a city. DeVos had long been involved in educational causes. This took him throughout the state of Michigan where he was involved in designing charter schools and curricula that could help some of the most disadvantaged but talented students achieve their full potential.


One of the most challenging projects of DeVos’ career was attempting to find solutions to the deep problems facing the Detroit Public School System. The schools had been largely defunded due to a fleeing tax base. Additionally, the city itself had suffered from brain drain and a general flight of the productive classes. This meant that the population that remained had more problematic students with traits not conducive to academic success. This higher proportion of bad students seriously undermined the effectiveness of the schools for the good students. DeVos eventually solved some of the problems by strictly segregating the best students from the troublemakers. But the entire experience left a deep impression. He knew by the mid-1980s that Detroit was probably lost forever.


This was a fate that he did not want to see repeated in his hometown of Grand Rapids, which had already begun to show the early signs of urban decay. DeVos made it his goal to prevent Grand Rapids from beginning the same inexorable spiral into oblivion that had destroyed cities like Detroit, Flint and Battle Creek. He formed an organization of the area’s top business leaders that he called the Grand Action Committee. The organization had one goal: to make strategic investments that would create a critical mass of economic activity, spurring a positive-feedback chain reaction that would ensure growth and long-term prosperity.


DeVos wasn’t afraid to literally put his money where his mouth was. He shelled out tens of millions of dollars of his own money, helping to fund the construction of projects like the DeVos Place Convention Center and the Van Andel Arena. He also invested heavily in the creation of the Medical Mile, a one-mile stretch of Michigan Ave that boasts some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. These include the Helen DeVos Children’ Hospital, a worldwide mecca for the treatment of certain rare childhood diseases. The Medical Mile has infused billions yearly into the local economy and has attracted world-class specialists from many disciplines.


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The Winning Team- Enhanced Athlete

On November 17,2017, the global Newswire reported on the court case which was brought against a Cheyenne, Wyoming based company. Nutrition Distribution LLC brought a lawsuit against Enhanced Athletics. They alleged that the advertising practices of Enhanced Athletics was causing their company to lose sales. They also claimed that the advertising of that company was fraudulent.


By bringing this lawsuit, they felt that they deserved to have a settlement from Enhanced Athletics. None of the claims have ever been proven true. Nutrition Distribution LLC went to court to attempt to obtain an injunction against Enhanced Athletics. However the court judge denied the injunction against Enhanced Athletics. He did not feel that the Plaintiff’s evidence established even a casual connection to them losing sales. Thus the Courts decision was a win for the Enhanced Athletic LLC company. They have put this legal suit behind them and will continue to promote their products along with their sister companies.


Enhanced Athletics has two sister companies. One is named Enhanced coaching. This company provides elite fitness coaching and serves as a guide to helping a person get the body that they want and show you how to get your body just the way you want it to look.


Another sister company is Enhanced Gear. This company sells merchandise for Enhanced Athletics. The biography of Enhanced Athletics starts at its founding. It was founded as a research company and they wanted to make good products. Their goal was to conduct research that they could bring to serious athletes to better their lives.


They also are a non profit company. This means that all of their proceeds are placed back into the company to go toward more research. They want to contribute to society and make people’s lives better.


This company does not place anything in their products unless they have put a great deal of research into it. There are not many companies of the caliber of Enhanced Athletics who can be non profit and throw the entire amount of their profits back into their company and continue to do more research to make better and better products.

Dr. Saad Saad Shares Vital Insights in Life

Dr. SaadSaad is a retired pediatric surgeon who dealt with innovative medicine during his active medical career. As a well-known pediatric surgeon, Dr. SaadSaad has accumulated numerous lessons in life that are worthy of contemplation because he speaks based on experience.

SaadSaad is a Palestinian who went through the rigors of relocations and hardship with his family because of the unrest between Israel and Palestine during his early years in the Middle East. Luckily, his father was an expert petroleum mechanic during a period when oil was just being discovered in the Middle East and imported abroad. Because of his skill, Saad’s father was able to move the family to Kuwait where he spent his childhood and growing-up years.

While being educated in Kuwait, Dr. Saad’s father told him that his situation is complicated because he is a displaced individual who does not have any country and an impossibly unsuccessful future. And to remedy the situation his father advised him to acquire a higher level of education so he will have an identity and be respected in the process.

During high school in the 1960s, Dr. Saad said he went along with his brother to a construction area in Kuwait. The extremely hot summer temperature in Kuwait affected him that time, and he lost consciousness. After he was revived, it was apparent that he had heat stroke. This particular situation made him comprehend that he is not destined to work outside under the scorching heat of the sun. And in those days, the only air-conditioned room within the country is inside the operating room. That realization was what motivated him to pursue a career as a pediatric surgeon.

The first lesson Dr. Saad wants to impart is not to stop until you successfully attain your dreams, which signifies that there is nothing a person cannot accomplish if he or she is determined to succeed. So it is essential to set one’s frame of mind in the pursuit of a goal and to triumph over losses and failures because according to him, nothing is impossible when one insists on it.

The second lesson in life that Dr. SaadSaad likes to share is to never wait for tomorrow to complete a task that you can do today. Simple as it may be, but implementing proper time management is a sure ingredient for success since essential things are accomplished expediently. Learn more:

Dr. SaadSaad finished his education at the Cairo University. His medical specializations are in the fields of pediatric surgery and general surgery. He was able to enhance and improve his surgical practice by reducing the amount of pain endured by a child with a procedure he developed, which eliminated the need to make a second incision.

CEO Sheldon Lavin Takes Food Processing Company The OSI Group Global

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the global food processing juggernaut the OSI Group. Lavin purchased the company about 40 years ago. At that time he ran a financial services company that gave them help they needed to grow. Lavin, a former banker with a degree in accounting, reached out to his banking industry connections and got the OSI Group the financing they needed. Sheldon Lavin was also a very active investor and he felt that the company had potential, so he began buying lots of their stock. Eventually, he had enough stock to take control of the company, and his Website.

Even before Sheldon Lavin took control of the OSI Group he had a vision of what they could become. Once he was in charge, Lavin created an aggressive expansion plan that took the OSI Group into markets all around the world. Sheldon Lavin also created a series of award-winning food processing and worker safety standards that is the food processing industry’s gold standard. When Lavin took over the OSI Group the company was primarily focused on serving customers in the United States. Sheldon Lavin has transformed the company into a major player in the global food industry.

From their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the company now runs over 65 food processing facilities in 20 countries worldwide. To ensure local customers are satisfied in the more than 75 countries around the world where they do business, the OSI Group employs local suppliers as well as local marketing teams. They help the company understand what products people in each unique market want. In recognition of Sheldon Lavin being able to make his dream of global expansion and success a reality for the OSI Group, the Vision World Academy in India gave him the 2016 Global Visionary Award, and

As part of their global expansion under Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group acquired Dutch company Baho Foods as well as the United Kingdom’s Flagship Europe for processing and production company. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group has made significant inroads into the Asian market. The results show Sheldon Lavin is an excellent chief executive, and read full article.