Penelope Kokkinides serves as an influential leader in the growth of Innovacare Health

Recently, president of the United States, Donald Trump held a meeting with some women in the statehouse to discuss the improvement of the health sector of Puerto Rico. One of the significant people who attended the meeting was Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare Health. Innovacare Health is one of the best providers of managed healthcare and physician services in North America. During the meeting, Penelope Kokkinides presents the objectives of the company to improve the health services in Puerto Rico.

One of the reasons she was invited in the meeting is because she is one of the most educated and most experienced women in the health sector and she is regarded as one of the key people who can intervene in changing the health status of residents in North America. In the meeting, she points out that if the health sector is not catered for urgently, Puerto Rico will be forced to seek health services from outside which will adversely increase the costs of obtaining the services.

As the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare Health, she says that she is ready to work hard towards the attainment of the company’s goals which are most crucial towards increasing the efficiency of the heal, the care sector of Puerto Rico. The primary objectives of the company are to provide managed health care services that are technologically advanced that are also cost friendly to the clients.

Penelope Kokkinides is known to be one of the key factors which have contributed to growth and development of Innovacare Health which was started just some years back. She has an educational background that gives evidence that she is an expert in the sector of health services. She went to Binghamton University where she attained her bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages.

Besides, she also wanted to obtain more knowledge and expertise in her career which made her go back to school where she attained a masters degree in Social Work from New York University. She also went to Columbia University where she reached her second master’s degree in Public Health. After her school, she was able to work with a significant number of remarkable companies. For example, she worked for government programs like Medicaid.

She has also served in different positions in Innovacare. She was elected as the vice president of Clinical operations at Innovacare as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Innovacare Health.



Whitney Wolfe’s Stance on Guns and Her Reason Behind This

At its heart, Bumble has been designed as a tool for empowerment. Whitney Wolfe created Bumble when she was thinking about the oppression that she and other women go through in their daily lives. Among the different forms of oppression that women undergo is domestic violence. Women are not only victims of domestic violence, but are also unfortunate victims of worse incidents. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has discovered is that abusive relationships can sometimes escalate to where guns are involved. This is one thing that has caused her to ban gun photos. Her reasoning is that she does not want to romanticize something that is used as a tool for destruction.

Even with Whitney’s explanation, this did not stop a lot of angry users from acting out and harassing the company. She and her employees had to deal with threats a lot for a little while. She was also harassed about her choices for banning gun photos. This has resulted in her having to call the police in order to watch over the place in case someone decides to try something. One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe has banned guns is because it does not work well with the values that she is trying to present to people.

When Whitney Wolfe started Bumble, she has wanted to focus on values such as kindness, empowerment, kindness and accountability. She is doing everything she can to not only reach out to women and offer her support, but also empower them to do what is best for their lives, and accountability is a part of empowerment. Whitney herself is trying to include men and help them feel comfortable with women. This is one of the best things about the Bumble dating app. Men do not have to be the aggressors. They can just sit back and let the women come to them.

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OSI Industries History, Past and Present

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, opened up a small, family run meat market in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago, Illinois was home to many German immigrants as they made up a quarter of the community. Chicago was a bustling city that was the center for OSI Industries and a place for immigrants to start before moving on to start farms in the flat lands. Over the course of the next decade, Otto Kolschowsky’s business did great and continued to do well after World War I and World War II.

OSI Industries history is important part of the 20th century with its ancestry started with German immigrants. But OSI Industries didn’t become OSI until much later. In 1928, Otto Kolschowsky decided that with the wholesale food sector added to his current meat market, that a rebranding was needed and he changed the business name to Otto & Sons.

As Otto & Sons continued on with the success of their business, the rest of the world was joining their ranks. Suburbs were rising in popularty as they popped up all over. The idea of franchising was new at the time, but Ray Kroc was the first to start and open the first franchise McDonald’s. But before the McDonald’s opened, Kroc had met with Otto’s sons and a handshake agreement was made for Otto & Sons to be the first beef supplier to McDonald’s. This business agreement opened the doors to many future endeavors.

As McDonald franchise extended regionally, so did the demands and pressure for Otto & Sons to keep up. in 1960, technology breakthrough offered an even closer relationship between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s because of the new flash freezing—cryogenic food process. This became cost efficient which was better for both companies.

Otto & Sons was holding their own between whole sale regional supplier of OSI Industries and local supplier to the community. In the early 1980’s, as Otto’s sons, Harry and Arthur neared retirement, they decided to bring Sheldon Lavin to the team. This transition brought on another name change and leadership. Otto & Sons became OSI Industries.

Lavin’s expertise in banking and investments helped push the company further in the food industry. Franchises went internationally and so did OSI Industries as it became one of the worlds largest supplier of food. OSI has facilities in 17 countries and its sales reach $6.1 billion.

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Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers Set Themselves Apart

Since the 2016 release of their unique single “Closer”, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have set a precedent. They will not be a typical DJ duo, and they will not produce simple dance music. “Closer” featured Andrew Taggart on lead vocals, a fresh touch in an industry where artists leave vocals up to other artists. “No one else was doing it, Pall said in an interview, “So we said why not”. Since closer the duo has worked to emerge more and more from the booth, involving themselves in songwriting, putting a message in their songs. The Chainsmokers want to connect with their listeners, and their songs speak to them. Their recent release “Sick Boy” is the newest example of their evolution. The song carries a slightly darker message than most EDM music bears, focusing on the perils of social media in a society over dependent on its use.


“Sick Boy” targets the addiction people have to social media, remarking on how it syphons identity, and touching on the duo’s on frustration with overexposure. As celebrities they are constantly in the spotlight with no real privacy to be found. “Sick Boy” and singles like “Closer” are examples of the duo’s involvement in song writing. One of many elements that set the duo apart from the rest of the genre. Another element is Andrew Taggart providing the lead vocals. Usually when it comes to the human element within EDM, DJ’s look to other artists. According to Pall the group does not want to make typical dance music anymore but create a body of work that focuses on their identity as artists. “Its really exciting to witness our music find emotional connection in our listeners” Pall said, stating that the group makes music for themselves first. The special relationship they have with their listeners comes from the connection created. The Chainsmokers write what they think, and the listeners show they think the same way.

How Shafik Sachedina Is Changing The Medical Profession

Sussex Healthcare is a private healthcare company found in Sussex area in the United Kingdom. This organization has been assisting many customers since it was brought to the tight market. There are many people who do not know the forces that have brought the company to assist the seniors in the community. First of all, Sussex Healthcare specializes in taking care of the special needs of elderly people in the community. The company also handles patients who are dealing with mental diseases. The successful healthcare facility has met the tight standards that have been laid by the government in this region. The seniors who choose to go for the services of this company have always been left with a smile because they were content. Shafik Sachedina was the person who came up with the idea of starting the healthcare facility.

Shafik Sachedina wears many shoes in the corporate world. Many people have realized about his role in the Ismaili communities because of its popularity in the world. What most people do not know is that Shafik Sachedina is a well-trained medical professional who traces his roots to East Africa. The businessman was born and also spent most of his childhood days in Tanzania. His parents decided that they were going to settle in England and look for better lives for their children. Fortunately, the businessman was admitted for his medical degree in a great college at University of London, and this helped him to set up a great background for his career.

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When working as a dental professional, Shafik Sachedina learned so much about the loopholes in the medical department. The dentist noted that most of the medical facilities had not invested in taking care of the needs of the elderly individuals in the society who have no strength. Shafik Sachedina decided to start a medical company that would only deal with seniors and people with mental diseases. This was going to be away if assisting the seniors and earning some wealth. With assistance from other prominent people in the nation, Shafik Sachedina has led to the emergence of the largest medical care for seniors in the country. He is the joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare has a wide range of accomplishments under its belt. The organization has been hiring the top most professionals in the healthcare department to take care of the needs of the elderly. The company has also gone a step further and introduced great equipment for its patients.


Betsy DeVos On Topic Article

As Betsy DeVos took office in 2016, many were excited for a new voice in educational reform. DeVos had been a proponent of educational choice for many years before she took office. Her career started in Calvin College where she was politically active and began her studies in educational reform. She worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign and then branched out into philanthropy, where she started to work with charter schools in an effort to help students in Michigan.


However, she has always faced opposition. In fact, she is one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. She has gone across America, championing educational reform, but she has been met with opposition from public school teachers and students alike. What is the issue? DeVos says that it is a lack of information on the issue which is creating the problem.


In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, DeVos talked to interviewer Leslie Stahl about the challenges facing America’s education system. Stahl had some tough questions, including whether any of the programs had proven to be successful yet. It has only been a year or so since their implementation, according to DeVos. Standardized testing and educational reform have been around for almost 20 years with very little success.


Still, the question remained whether she thought there would be any success for the educational choice movement. DeVos pointed to states where the programs had been fully implemented so far, places like Florida and Louisiana. Florida now has the most selections for educational choice, including magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools. However, it’s the tuition-based scholarship program that has made the most significance. Students are able to go to any school of their choice with these vouchers.


While many believe that public school funding is in jeopardy with these new policies, DeVos has shown that much of the vouchers and support has come from philanthropy, including her own foundation. However, some of the other donors include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. The new programs have yet to be definitively more effective than standardized testing, but DeVos says that these programs need more time. She still has another couple of years in office to make things work. However, she has not been able to implement as many of the plans as she wanted in different states.


In addition, her campaigns have been cut short due to the American school violence and the issue of gun control. She is now in charge of a massive school safety movement that will help America’s schools stay safe in the wake of many school shootings. When asked if she thought that teachers needed gun training, she wasn’t sure that was the direction to go in. She is currently meeting with other legislators to determine different policies and regulations that will help with school safety.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; The Bradesco Icon And Inspiration

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers and Presidents that Bradesco has ever had. He joined the group when he was only 18 years old. He worked in several departments at the bank and rose through the ranks to become the president. He was appointed to become the CEO at a time that Bradesco was experiencing a rough going on the markets. It had been overtaken by its main competitor in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi used all his skill and knowledge to restore the glory that the bank had slowly but surely began to lose.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; How He Did It

The term and service of Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco is almost mythical. It is a performance that will go down into the annals of Brazilian banking history as one of the most amazing. Trabuco was the fourth President of Bradesco in its 70-year existence. He was appointed to become the bank’s senior-most executive in 2009. He has achieved the dreams that the group’s first-ever President Amador Aguiar would have loved to do while he still ran the operations of the group at an early stage. Bradesco Group is one of the fastest growing banks in Brazil. It is the largest private bank with an asset base estimated to be in the tune of R $ 900. The bank also has the largest number of accounts held by a single bank in Brazil. It is apparent that with 27 million bank accounts and still rising, Bradesco is slated to achieve greater feats. Trabuco took several bold steps that helped Bradesco return to its leadership on the market. He led the bank in purchasing the American Bank. It is after the acquisition that Bradesco reasserted its dominance as a private bank again in Brazil. He also invested in market research. In one of the research reports that he commissioned, it is reported that over 100 million people will join the consumer market by the year 2025.

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Education, Life and Career Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in Marilia; a city that also happens to be the home of the group’s first-ever president. Mr. Trabuco is an embodiment of the group’s existence and goals. He studied Philosophy and Social Psychology at Sao Paulo University and Fundacao University respectively. Mr. Trabuco used his social psychology skills to rally support among the teams he led at the bank and achieved great success in the years that he served. He managed to organize a highly successful account opening drive that saw the bank register up to 6, 000 new accounts every day. He also pulled in the media and established a rapport with them. They helped to improve the bank’s public relations. In 1984, Mr. Trabuco was made the Department Director. He was promoted to the position of an Executive Managing Director. He became an Executive Vice President of the bank in 1999. His performance at Bradesco Seguros as its President was outstanding. He improved the standing of Seguros in the group by making it the one that contributed the most to the group’s profits by the end of each financial year. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was selected to become the President of Bradesco Group in 2009.

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Adam Milstein is an Israeli born philanthropist and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council where he currently chairs its national expansion division. He is also co-founder and president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, (MFF) that seeks to empower people of Jewish origin. Besides being a philanthropist, Adam Milstein is also a successful entrepreneur specializing in real estate investment with Hager Pacific Properties where he is one of the managing partner.

As part of his crusade concerning the plight of the Jewish people, Adam Milstein utilizes article writing as one of his methods. His latest article dated February 7th, 2018 in the Jewish News Syndicate(JNS) touches on anti-Semitism and how its negative impact on the country of Israel where he speaks on how lately anti-Semitism has been made a cornerstone in the radicalization of Islam. Two groups that traditionally have very different principles unite with the common goal of stopping Western influence, the radical leftists and the radical Muslims. The former has no regard for the fact that the latter tries to portray Muslims as one group and ignores the existence of radicalized and non-radicalized factions in Islam. Their anti-Semitism agenda is rooted in the claim that Jewish people are the cause of all the problems in the Middle East and the world in general. He gives the example of Linda Sarsour as an example of this clashing ideology, where she was an organizer of the Women’s March in Washington, DC while at the same time supporting the abuse of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. He also gives the example of Tufts University and New York University students that published guides that were profoundly anti-Semitic in bearing, openly accusing Israel of being a White Supremacist state.

Throughout the article, Adam Milstein highlights the influence of radical Islam in the demeaning of Israel and Jewish people. He tells of how Jewish people have been victims of the radicalization even dating back to the days of Adolf Hitler and the Jewish war. He concludes the article by warning that if this trend is allowed to continue especially in tertiary institutions, then the very future of the Jewish people is at stake.

Dark Predictions Made by Shervin Pishevar Using Twitter

Shervin Pishevar took to twitter in February 2018 to make some dark predictions about the US economy. He spent 21 hours between February 5th and 6th sending out 50 separate points that explain why he feels the stock market will continue to decline, why big companies will crash, and why solutions used by the government in the past to reset the market are no longer going to work.


It seems that Shervin Pishevar has a knack for predicting the future. More than 10 years ago, he predicted that Facebook would experience a crisis, and it did. He is a well-known super angel investor who got his start in the Silicon Valley area. He was chosen as an Outstanding American by Choice by the US government in the year 2012.


Shervin Pishevar feels that there are a couple of things that are to blame for the continued decline in the stock market that he predicts will be experienced. He specifically mentioned tax giveaways and rising interest rates. He feels that all asset classes have proven to be overvalued and that safety will not be found for any class.

Shervin Pishevar says that there is a collective blind eye when it comes to the power that giant companies like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft possess. He says that they are built on a monopoly framework and will lose their influence and may even completely crash. Because they have the power to buy out smaller businesses, they will ultimately make the entire system fail.


In times past, when the stock market has experienced a steep decline, the government has used quantitative easing. This allows central banks to buy bonds and eventually reset the market. Shervin Pishevar warns that Americans should not be fooled if the government turns to this solution as the stock market continues to decline. He says that this tool has been used too many times in the past and will not continue to be effective.


It seems like there is a bull’s-eye within the 50 tweets sent out by Shervin Pishevar. As he has expressed in the past, he feels that people need to realize that the entire system needs to be built from the ground up.

Stream Energy Creates Culture Of Giving Within Company

A year ago, Hurrican Harvey dropped as much as 56 inches of rain in some parts of the Houston area and caused devasting flooding that resulted in the loss of both life and property. And while many companies watched helplessly as the horror unfolded, Stream energy went to work providing relief to victims of the disaster.


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based company that uses direct selling methods to provide customers with energy service. Corporate philanthropy is a way of life for Stream and the company began Stream Cares to make formal its intent to provide ongoing philanthropy in both the state of Texas and throughout the country.


The business model at Stream Energy is basic in format but quite effective. Stream pays associates to build up a network of customers by selling discounted energy plans directly to them. The company provides services to both residential and corporate customers. Stream Energy also offers other products including mobile cell phone plans.


Associates working with Stream are essentially independent entrepreneurs that are paid with commissions from any sales they make.


Another important philanthropical pursuit for Stream is the issue of homelessness. This is seen at both the corporate and employee levels of the company as both groups regular track the statistics surrounding the homeless situation in Dallas.


Stream Energy has partnered with Hope Supply Company to cover the costs of the Splash for Hope event which provided meals to more than 1,000 homeless children in the area of North Texas. The event also affords the children a chance to have fun at a local water park, and experience that for many of them is the first of its kind.


Another example of the culture of compassion that has been crafted at Stream is the response by the company to the 2016 crisis caused by a number of Tornados making their presence known in North Texas a day after Christmas. Stream Energy and their associates went to work immediately and raised thousands of dollars over the next few days for North Texas residents that suffered losses to their homes and businesses. Additionally, Stream matched all donations made by associates.