Learning More About Jordan Lindsey

Because the recent volatility of bitcoin There are many new investors to the industry because they all want to on the money with crypto and in other investments. When you decide that you want to invest in crypto you need to be sure that you have learned about good wallets and a very solid plan and set the goals that you want to achieve in your crypto investments.

One of the best and you can do is to learn a lot about about crypto security and everything you can do to ensure that your coins are safe from hackers and other people that want to steal your coins. There are many ways to secure your coin wallet by making sure that you have a very big and strong password that people do not know and you can also use a special code on your wallet so that if you lose your password you can easily recover the wallet and retrieve your coins and funds from that wallet.

There seems to be a very big move to have your coins off the computers and to actually have it onto a physical hard drive. This is a very good thing that you can do for your coins especially if you have a big amount because more and more people are trying to hack into coin wallets so you should be on the lookout and if you have a big amount of coins you should store them on an off-line physical wallet. If you want to become a very big crypto investor you should always be on the lookout for new crypto coins and wisely so that your money is spread out and not all in one coin. With this investment you should consider what type velocity and to make sure that you are gaining a good amount of money from your investment portfolio.

Jordan Lindsey‘s company JCL Capital has started to invest in forex and cryptocurrency, becoming a leader in the industries.

When you are thinking about buying or selling crypto be sure to be safe and be secured also that your funds are safe.

Waiakea Water Is Raising The Bar On Bottled Water

Whats the most important item on your grocery list? For some people, its snacks and goodies, some head straight for the steak, and others opt to stay hydrated by stocking up on bottled water. Though it was once unheard of to purchase bottles of water, when you could get them for free from your kitchen sink, recent research has shown several benefits to saying no to tap. In today’s world of health-conscious consumers, the bottled water industry is thriving and has grown into an industry worth over $100 billion in revenue.

Scanning the beverage aisle at your local grocery store or supermarket will help shed light on the industry’s success. There are countless options to choose from, with each company promising something special and unique about their bottled water. With so much competition, bottled water companies must work hard to set themselves apart from the rest and remain relevant in today’s fast-paced world.

Waiakea Water is a Hawaii based bottled water company with a filtration process that completely sets them apart. The company filters every drop of their bottled water through 14,000 feet of porous rock That’s right, they’re bottling up natures gift, right from the Mauna Loa volcano. So, what makes this process so special? Well, for starters, Waikaea Water contains a pH of between 7.6 and 8.2, making them one of the most naturally alkaline water companies in the industry. Waiakea Water also contains a high amount of silica, which is linked to reduced risk of cognitive dysfunction.

Going the extra mile, Waiakea also promotes and practices sustainability. With most of our plastic waste ending up in our oceans, we are virtually polluting our own environment. Traditional plastic bottles take more than 1,000 years to degrade, leaving far too much time to cause harm to the creatures that call our oceans home.

Since the company’s 2012 founding, they have continued to receive recognition for their commitment to quality.This year, Waiakea Water will introduce the worlds first fully degradable bottle, and all their bottles will be made of 100% recyclable plastic. Think about it, a bottle of Waiakea Water could potentially improve your health and help save the environment.

Elysium Health Supports Cellular Well-Being Through NAD+

There’s a new kind of consumer health company on the scene. Elysium Health is the brainchild of the MIT research scientist Leonard Guarente. The company was founded in 2014 to help people live healthier, longer. Today, the company works with some of the world-leading scientists from universities like Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard to research and develop new products.

Elysium Health’s supplement is called Basis. Basis works by increasing levels of NAD+ in our cells. As we age, the levels of NAD+, which is an essential coenzyme to many of our essential cellular functions, decline naturally. Basis restores higher levels of NAD+ and supports those cellular functions and cellular well-being in the process.

Basis can be used by all adults. It has been clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent. The supplement is designed for long-term use and increases levels of NAD after several weeks.

Basis is available for purchase on Elysium Health’s website. Each jar of basis contains 60 capsules, which is enough to take the supplement over the course of 30 days. An individual jar costs $60. A monthly subscription to Basis costs $50 per month. A prepaid six-month subscription to the supplement costs $270 ($45 per month).

Basis is not an alternative to exercise and a healthy diet. The supplement works best when the person taking it is also getting exercise on a regular basis and eats natural foods with plenty of key vitamins and nutrients.

Visit Crunchbase to know more about Elysium Health.

Basis is vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free, allowing you to stick to your dietary restrictions while taking the supplement.

For more information about Elysium Health, the science behind Basis, and the company’s team of scientists visit Elysium’s website.

UTC Owes Much Success to Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is widely acknowledged as one of the great legendary businessmen of our time. People such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would call him on the phone to gain his advice. The reason he was hailed with such greatness was because of his successful time running the United Technologies Corporation as their CEO. He ran the company during the time of the great global recession during the mid 2000’s. While other companies were closing their doors left and right, he was able to raise the stock prices of his company by a whopping $90. While other people were going bankrupt, he was making millionaires his sleep.

Recently, he stepped down from the position of chief executive officer and the entire executive team held a celebration to honor his time as CEO.

One executive officer told that the thing he respected the most about Louis Chenevert was his ability to get the United Technologies Corporation to the point that it was considered friendly to the environment. This was accomplished by working with the engineering team to reduce water consumption by 53% and produce 26% fewer carbon emissions. This prepared his company so that when the Canadian government passed stricter regulations, the United Technologies Corporation was one of the only airline companies that could compete. This, of course, netted them many several contracts that they otherwise would not have.

Another executive said the thing he admired the most about Louis Chenevert was his ability to offset the deficit in the main company. Louis Chenevert was able to offset the deficit in UTC by purchasing other companies that were on the periphery of what United Technologies Corporation was already making but had not yet been affected by the great recession. He used the profits made from those subsidiaries to pay off the deficit of UTC to keep it afloat until a time when it could gain a hold again in the market.

Another executive admired how Louis Chenevert was capable to reduce inter-company spending. Through moving several key factories they were able to save another $150 million per year.

Jeunesse Global is Growing Rapidly

There are many companies offering health products to customers. Millions of people want to improve their overall health and wellness this year. As a result, it is vital for people to start eating a healthy diet. One of the best ways to get additional vitamins in the diet is to eat or drink health supplements.

Jeunesse sells various health supplements that people can take. All of the supplements are natural and healthy. Unlike many health companies, Jeunesse does not use inferior ingredients in order to lower the cost of the product. Many health companies are more concerned with increasing profits than helping customers reach their goals.

Early Success

Jeunesse is a small company that is growing rapidly. The company was started just a few years ago. It was difficult to advertise products in the beginning. Most people want to purchase health products from companies that they recognize.

As a result, Jeunesse had to adjust the marketing strategy for the company. Instead of using traditional marketing options, Jeunesse used social media to advertise the products. There were many customers who learned about Jeunesse through different social media outlets.

Product Planning

Each new product is carefully planned. Jeunesse does not want to produce products that customers will not enjoy. As a result, the company spends a lot of time and money developing new flavors and product options.

Jeunesse is a great company because it truly cares about the customers who are using the products. Some companies just care about increasing sales and profits. In the coming years, the leaders of Jeunesse want to continue expanding the company. With the early success of Jeunesse, the company leaders believe they can turn the company into a national brand. Although eating a healthy diet is the most important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements is a great way to improve energy levels throughout the day.

The American Institute of Architects’s Master Architect

Robert A. Ivy is one of only seven Alpha Rho Chi Master Architects in the world. As a Master Architect he joins prominent figures such as, Buckminster Fuller and I.M. Pei. The Alpha Rho Chi architect fraternity only reserves the title to the most deserving and influential professionals in the field. In fact, Robert Ivy is the only one to receive the Master Architect designation by Alpha Rho Chi this century.

Robert Ivy is a member of several advisory boards including Tulane University his alma mater, Mississippi State University, Auburn University Rural Studio and Tongji University of Architecture and Urban Planning situated in Shanghai. And has been an active member of the International Circle of Architects Foundation and the American Institute of Architects where he is currently the CEO.

Robert Ivy’s career is immaculate and continues to evolve. It all started in 1969 when he earned his bachelor’s in architecture from Sewanee: The University of the South. Then, Robert Ivy earned his masters in architecture from Tulane University in 1976 where he became a member of the Alpha Rho Chi Architecture fraternity.

After graduating Robert became the principle and co-founder of Dean & Ivy an architectural services firm based in Mississippi. Then, in 1996 Robert joined McGraw Hill Companies and Constructions and became its Vice President and Editorial Director for 15 incredible years. At McGraw Hill Robert was also the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record is the most widely read architectural journal in the world and has a prestigious 125-year history. Today, the architectural record is owned and published by BNP Media.

In 2011, Robery Ivy was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. In 1957, 13 architects trying to professionalize, promote and structure the architecture profession established the AIA. The initial purpose of the organization was to establish an architecture profession that didn’t yet exist at he time. The AIA continues to promote the architecture profession through a membership process that requires formal training and experience.

Robert Ivy’s relationship with architectural boards, advisory committees and organizations remains strong. For example, The Architectural Record has a strong relationship with the American Institute of Architects through Robert’s past. The American Institute of Architects has several programs dedicated to helping up-and-coming architects including an advanced AIA continuing education program, which is featured regularly in the Architectural Record journal.

For more info, visit:https://www.aia.org/leadership


How Adam Milstein Advocates On Behalf Of The Israeli-American Community

Adam Milstein is a business owner and Israeli-American activist. His company is Hagar Pacific Properties and he owns buildings across the United States. He invests money in older properties and than improves them. He then leases the buildings out to new tenants while his company manages the property. He is the managing partner of his company and is responsible for managing Hagar Pacific Properties financing of properties as well as the management of the properties his company owns.

Originally from Israel, Adam Milstein moved to America in 1981. After earning his master’s degree he entered the real estate industry as a sales agent. His success in the position led to him deciding to invest in properties himself. He founded Hagar Pacific Properties in Encino, California as a result. Prior to this he had worked for this father’s real estate company in Israel where he learned the ropes of investing in properties and their management.

Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist who uses his money to support both the nation of Israel and his fellow Israeli-Americans. It was in 2000 that he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation along with his wife. They primarily support students on college campuses across the United States. He says that there is a lot of anti-Semitism on educational campuses that needs to be fought back against.

As an author Adam Milstein has also written many articles about the causes that are important to him. His opinion pieces have appeared in publications in both Israel and the United States. It was his writing and his philanthropic giving that resulted in him being named one of the top 100 people having a positive influence on those of Jewish faith in 2016, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein is also involved in politics. He is a founder of the Israeli-American Council and is its chairman of the board. This organization lobbies on behalf of the Israeli-American community. It also advocates for close ties between the US and Israel. Under his leadership this organization has become the biggest advocate of Israeli-Americans in the nation, and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adam-milstein.

NewsWatch TV Receives Raving Review FromSaygus

Saygus manufactures smartphones in America and they wanted a way to spread the word about their new line of products. What they did was hire NewsWatch TV, which aired reviews on National Television and via online campaigns.

NewsWatch TV helped Saygus gain momentum for their campaign on Indiegogo, which ended up being a massive success. As a result of NewsWatch’s efforts, Saygus was able to exceed their fundraising goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and what NewsWatch TV knows.


About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a TV show that airs in the United States. It is a 30-minute show that people in over 150 markets can watch on either the ION Network or AMC. The show begun airing in the late 80s and over 1,000 episode have aired since then. The content that the show covers range from product releases to consumer electronics to fashion to tourism and business issues to name a few.

Over the last year or two, many celebrities have gone on NewsWatch. Some of the most notable celebrities include Carrie Underwood, Julianne Moor and Doctor Oz. Others include Brooklyn Decker and Dale Earnhardt Junior. Besides celebrities, many well-known companies have made appearances on the show, and this includes Suave, Ford, Dewars Whiskey and Kelly Blue Books to name a few.

If you run a business or want to get the word out about a product, then contact NewsWatch TV. A representative can talk more about what they can and cannot do for you. You can visit their website to learn more about them.

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Equities First Is Taking Over The World

Equities First, based in London, decided in 2014 that to be a major player in the finance industry, they needed to expand. Even though this was a huge risk, it was well worth it. They now have offices in Australia, China, and the United States. The parent company in the United States just celebrating its 15th anniversary. Equities First credits their success to understanding the ins and outs of the business market. Also, they are available to provide loans to businesses, individuals, and the government that banks and other financial institutions cannot match. It is for these reasons that Equities First will continue to be a major leader in the lending industry, and their Linkedin.

American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects is a company that works as an advocate for architects, standing for human and civil rights. Architects are representatives of change by design. They are behind the infrastructure of schools, libraries, parks, fire stations, government buildings, etc. AIA advocates for the investment of well designed civic infrastructure, making policymakers meet certain criteria so building are taken care of. AIA believes that public buildings are the foundation of a community. They stand for a better future and want to achieve this with green construction. The designs that come from those working with AIA are environmentally friendly and adaptable to the changes in climate; a defense against natural disasters and the changing conditions of the property.

The CEO and Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects is Robert Ivy. He has an educational background that includes the University of the South, where he achieved his English BA, and Tulane University, where he achieved M. Arch., Architecture. While attending Tulane University, he achieved his degree with Tau Sigma Delta, which is the only national honor society for architecture and design majors. Since achieving his educational goals, Robert has had many years of experience. In 1996, he began to work for the company McGraw – Hill Companies as the Editor in Chief/ Architectural Record. For 15 years he worked with this company and by the end of his time there he was Vice President/ Editorial Director. Some of his duties included leading construction designs and construction publications that dealt with Architectural Record, Engineering News Record and more. In 2011, Robert Ivy began to work with American Institute Of Architects, heading the almost 88,000 member organization. He uses public outreach and educational initiatives to help serve clients and communities, and has helped transform AIA into a proactive, responsive and influential organization. Changes and improvements are goals of Roberts, to make it aware of the value of architects and to prepare architects for the role they will hold when addressing climate change and the sustainability and impact of design needed.

Robert Ivy not only helped AIA earn numerous publishing industry honors, but was also honored by Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity. In the fraternity’s 100 year old history, only seven have received this honor and Robert is one, while also being the only architect selected in the 21st Century. Robert is also an author and a public speaker, helping shed light on the role and meaning of architecture and how it is an important part of our lives.

For more info, Visit:https://medium.com/@robertivy