The Winning Team- Enhanced Athlete

On November 17,2017, the global Newswire reported on the court case which was brought against a Cheyenne, Wyoming based company. Nutrition Distribution LLC brought a lawsuit against Enhanced Athletics. They alleged that the advertising practices of Enhanced Athletics was causing their company to lose sales. They also claimed that the advertising of that company was fraudulent.


By bringing this lawsuit, they felt that they deserved to have a settlement from Enhanced Athletics. None of the claims have ever been proven true. Nutrition Distribution LLC went to court to attempt to obtain an injunction against Enhanced Athletics. However the court judge denied the injunction against Enhanced Athletics. He did not feel that the Plaintiff’s evidence established even a casual connection to them losing sales. Thus the Courts decision was a win for the Enhanced Athletic LLC company. They have put this legal suit behind them and will continue to promote their products along with their sister companies.


Enhanced Athletics has two sister companies. One is named Enhanced coaching. This company provides elite fitness coaching and serves as a guide to helping a person get the body that they want and show you how to get your body just the way you want it to look.


Another sister company is Enhanced Gear. This company sells merchandise for Enhanced Athletics. The biography of Enhanced Athletics starts at its founding. It was founded as a research company and they wanted to make good products. Their goal was to conduct research that they could bring to serious athletes to better their lives.


They also are a non profit company. This means that all of their proceeds are placed back into the company to go toward more research. They want to contribute to society and make people’s lives better.


This company does not place anything in their products unless they have put a great deal of research into it. There are not many companies of the caliber of Enhanced Athletics who can be non profit and throw the entire amount of their profits back into their company and continue to do more research to make better and better products.

Jeunesse Global is Growing Rapidly

There are many companies offering health products to customers. Millions of people want to improve their overall health and wellness this year. As a result, it is vital for people to start eating a healthy diet. One of the best ways to get additional vitamins in the diet is to eat or drink health supplements.

Jeunesse sells various health supplements that people can take. All of the supplements are natural and healthy. Unlike many health companies, Jeunesse does not use inferior ingredients in order to lower the cost of the product. Many health companies are more concerned with increasing profits than helping customers reach their goals.

Early Success

Jeunesse is a small company that is growing rapidly. The company was started just a few years ago. It was difficult to advertise products in the beginning. Most people want to purchase health products from companies that they recognize.

As a result, Jeunesse had to adjust the marketing strategy for the company. Instead of using traditional marketing options, Jeunesse used social media to advertise the products. There were many customers who learned about Jeunesse through different social media outlets.

Product Planning

Each new product is carefully planned. Jeunesse does not want to produce products that customers will not enjoy. As a result, the company spends a lot of time and money developing new flavors and product options.

Jeunesse is a great company because it truly cares about the customers who are using the products. Some companies just care about increasing sales and profits. In the coming years, the leaders of Jeunesse want to continue expanding the company. With the early success of Jeunesse, the company leaders believe they can turn the company into a national brand. Although eating a healthy diet is the most important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle, taking supplements is a great way to improve energy levels throughout the day.