Herbalife24 is a line of nutritional supplement products specifically made for athletes. Unlike standard Herbalife products, which are designed to aid weight loss, Herbalife24 products contain protein, iron, and higher calorie counts to boost energy and performance. Every batch is also tested for substances banned by the Anti-Doping Agency and National Football League, to ensure potential customers that they can consume these supplements without being disqualified from their sport.


The protein bar in this Herbalife athletic line of supplements is called Achieve High-Grade On-the-go Protein. Achieve bars boast 20 grams of Milk and Whey protein per bar and are only made with whole food-derived ingredients. These sources of protein are known to promote lean muscle growth, a goal for many athletes. Herbalife suggests you consume one to two bars per day before or after a workout or meal. Flavors offered include dark chocolate brownie and chocolate chip cookie dough.


Consumers approve of Achieve protein bars because they’re NSF-certified (National Sanitation Foundation), have a high protein content, and use natural ingredients. The high-calorie count (230 calories per bar) and fat content (9 grams per bar) can be downsides, however, especially for athletes concerned with weight class requirements.

Another product that Herbalife makes specifically for athletes is Rebuild Strength, a powdered shake mix designed for consumption within 30 minutes after your workout. The active ingredients in Rebuild Strength include free amino acids and whey and casein proteins, all of which are known to promote muscle growth. This supplement also supports your immune system thanks to its iron content and contains L-Glutamine for muscle repair. Herbalife suggests preparing and consuming one shake per day by mixing 2 scoops of this chocolate powder with water or liquid of your choice.


Rebuild Strength has a relatively high rating on Amazon of 3.4 out of 5 stars and most reviews praise the product for tasting great. The main downside discussed is the price: one canister that will probably last you 3-4 weeks costs $76 not including shipping.




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