Our healthcare system can benefit greatly from the application of technology in its sphere. The United States has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world. There is also a lot of costs that can be trimmed and managed more efficiently.

The problem in healthcare right now is that technological solutions are not in place. Alternatively, the solutions may be present. However, they have not been implemented by medical providers, hospitals, and government organizations such as the Department of Health and Human Services.

The key to bringing healthcare costs down is by using the talents of people such as Drew Madden. He is a highly adept information technology specialist with a strong background in medical systems. People like Drew Madden can bring the wonders of technology to healthcare providers of all sizes.

Technology in healthcare can improve the system on all levels. States can crack down on Medicaid fraud with electronic monitoring systems for home care workers. This can save states and the federal government billions of dollars in fraud. Technology can also improve the quality of care overall. This may result in benefits of its own later down the healthcare chain.

Another use of technology is to help track the locations of patients and staff at hospitals. A hospital can be a hectic and chaotic environment. Knowing where doctors, nurses, and patients are located can help improve the logistics and quality of care. It can also lead to more timely care. All of this can improve the efficiency of service at our hospitals and help medical personnel respond more timely to critical incidents.

Medication management is another place where technology can be applied. Smart pillboxes can record which medication a person takes. They can also record if a patient is sticking to his or her medication as prescribed by a physician. This info can then let healthcare providers evaluate the effectiveness of their plan of care for patients.

Leveraging technology in healthcare can bring huge benefits to everyone involved. It can lower costs and improve the quality of our healthcare system. We will need healthcare information technology experts like Drew Madden to lead the way, though. People like Madden will need to implement and show people that technology can be easily integrated into existing medical record systems.

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