Standardized testing is one of the best ways to determine the progress of a student, as well as to determine where educators need to refocus their educational programs. For Rocketship Education students in Tennessee, the new testing assessments that are administered show that it is not just the progress of each student, but the overall growth that has occurred and where that growth is leading that matters. At Rocketship, educators understand that each student needs to have enough growth in a school year in order to perform at standard levels and keep up with students that aren’t facing the same educational barriers.

Rocketship Education charter schools have been using MAP scores to assess students, but now the rest of the students undergoing public school education in the state of Tennessee will also receive those same scores. These scores are important to the mission of this charter school because the majority of students enrolled have an education gap that they need to make up by the end of the year. Through the education they receive at Rocketship, students have proven that they can and do close that gap with the help of educators and parents, and close monitoring that is helped in part by MAP scores.

Rocketship Education is a unique charter school system that began in California, but has now spread across the nation. Educators target underprivileged communities where students face challenges such as poverty, but also unequal access to education through the public school system. At Rocketship, both educators and parents work with students, creating a community environment that is larger than the school and invested in improving the lives of every family through the education of children. Structured education, personalized curriculum and instruction, and dedicated educators that work with each child, parent, and family are essential to the success of every student, school, and community.

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