Doe Deere is quickly becoming one of the most popular people in the beauty world. She is known as the Unicorn Queen for all of her use of color in her business, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere was born in Russian and moved here to be raised in New York City. She was one of the first women business leaders to launch an online beauty business. All of her cosmetics are cruelty free and are boldly colored. Lime Crime is in Los Angeles, California and offers a broad array of loose pigments, liners, lip gloss, eyeshadow and lipsticks.


Doe Deere started out making her own clothing line. Later, as she perfected her technique she decided that it would be awesome to make makeup that would compliment her brightly colored outfits. She loves bright colors, unicorns and anything magical. In fact, the mascot for Lime Crime is a beautiful unicorn. This unicorn helps to show the image of a vegan and cruelty free company.


Lime Crime’s clothing designs were launched on eBay in 2004 and in 2008, Lime Crime’s makeup section was launched. From there the business quickly grew and soon made its way into retail stores across the globe. Lime Crime can be found just about anywhere in the United States. If you cannot find a local retail story, you can always go to their easy to find website where you can have a look at all of their brightly colored products.


To get Lime Crime’s make up off the ground, Doe Deere, started a recent blog which showed how to do make up. These make up tutorials helped to show how to use the makeup. On this blog, Deere offered online contests and giveaways. She also used social media and is now up to over 3 million followers on Instagram.


Doe Deer credits her success to several several factors. Her advice is to always listen to the feedback from customers and even potential customers. They will tell you what they like and what they don’t like. Work hard on your advertising campaigns and make sure that you respond to customers on social media. It is also important to get out there and make yourself heard. Show your business off, make sure people know what you sell and who you are.


Lime Crime focuses on one thing. Beauty should always make you happy. If you can’t look at your make up collection and ensure that it brings out the best possible you, you have the wrong make up collection and need a change. Don’t be afraid of something new. Get out there and try brighter colors. Match your make up with your outfit. You want to be the best of the best and your makeup should reflect that.


Lime Crime has a very specific niche and Doe Deere has worked hard to keep it that way. Lime Crime is vegan and there is never any animal testing which is hard to find in many cosmetic businesses today. All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are fantasy based which leads to bold rich colors that will make a statement. These bright colors and their business practices is what sets Lime Crime apart from other businesses in the beauty world.


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