All of us have opened up an energy bill only to discover that it is way higher than we expected it to be. This has caused many people to wonder how they can bring it down some, and these tips related to the energy that household gadgets can waste will help to do just that. Whether you know it or not, devices use energy when they are plugged in; regardless if they are being used or not. While the costs for one day of this may not be a lot, they can really become quite a bit over the course of a month or a year. Get details on Stream Energy at

By shutting off power to a spread of household gadgets including gaming centers, printers, coffee makers, DVR’s, etc. you can save quite a bit over the course of a year. By doing this with your entertainment center you stand to save close to $130 in a year. The best way to accomplish getting this done is to batch all of your household gadgets on a power strip and shut them down when you are not using them. Learn more about Stream Energy at Better Business Bureau.

Stream Energy provides energy services as well as home, protective, and wireless services and was started up in 2004. It began as an electricity and natural gas company that serves Americans but has, since, become much more. With headquarters in the Tollway Center building in Dallas, Texas, Stream serves energy to customers in Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington; D.C., and New York and hopes to expand its operations in the future. Most of the company’s services are available all over the U.S. except for its energy services, which are only available in deregulated markets.

Stream Energy is active on social media and its Facebook page boasts over 41,000 likes and more than 38,000 followers. The company has close to 300 5 star reviews on Facebook and is advertised as replying almost instantly when someone sends a message through the social platform. Along with holiday posts and other family oriented posts, Stream shares loads of tips with its followers on how to save energy. One of their most recent posts shares tips with its customers for how to save energy during the coldest months of the year.



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