Jack Coleman from the Lung Institute was a key speaker at the l Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research. This event in Italy is the prime location where stem cell experts get together to discuss moral and political struggles with this field of medicine.

Coleman’s role at the event was to share his company’s struggle with dealing with backward regulatory agencies. The medical system in the United States prefers to continue using outdated treatment methods since it is profitable. Although it should be considered immoral, American medical doctors increase the suffering of patients due to market factors. It should be the duty of the doctor to relieve their patients.

The presentation of Dr. Coleman walked the viewers through different steps of the research process. As we can see, it is very difficult to get approved for clinical trials. This is suspect that the FDA and other regulatory institutions are financially influenced by the deep pockets of bio industries. The research market in the country is now hindered due to such reservations.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is often seen as an unfortunate diagnosis with very slim treatment plans. Although the disease is very common as of late, the medical system still pushes ineffective treatment methods in order to reduce symptoms. According to hawaiinewsnow.com, those with severe COPD will be left for dead by the medical industry.

Decades of smoking is now leaving Generation X and baby boomers with completely wrecked lungs. This is the leading cause of COPD and hopes future generations will learn from their mistakes. With the damage caused over time, nearly all heavy smokers are doomed to have COPD. Genetic defects and exposure to chemicals in the workplace are other leading factors.

Luckily, The Lung Institute is one of the few medical companies that care. Using the latest stem cell treatments, https://lunginstitute.com/treatment/, patients are finally able to recover partially. Clients that were otherwise bound to their bed are now able to walk reasonable distances. People are able to play with the kids, return to work, and enjoy their favorite activities thanks to the help of stem cell research. The country needs to rethink its stance on restricting stem cells. Visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page to learn more.

Visit the website:  https://lunginstitute.com/

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