The results of a pioneering all-inclusive study to determine the positive significant impact of advertising about a recall of brand, specific messaging, and the intention to purchase on podcasts were recently announced by the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, and Tom Webstar, the Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research.

This study involved five top consumer brands in the service and product industry whose results of advertising tests were examined, and it also focused on the advertisers’ deployment of post and pre-campaign lift of brands. The outstanding outcomes showed that more than 60% of the participants favored a post-campaign survey over a pre-study about a particular grocery brand.

Other findings showed that, in post-study, there was an increase in unsupported awareness of brands by 47% from the pre-study of products offered by financial services, 24% for a garden and lawn outfit, while an automobile after-market seller indicated 37%. Generally, all those who were surveyed demonstrated skewered preferences towards different brands.

Similar findings also applied to the interviewee’s aided awareness of a unique campaign message for an aftermarket product in the automobile sector. A restaurant for casual dining also indicated a growth of 76%. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The independent studies carried out by Edison Research for PodcastOne, in 2016 covered little-known brands seeking more trials and awareness, and major brands out to launch fresh campaigns. The main aim was to establish the efficacy on five national brands of advertising through podcasts.

The results indicated that podcast audiences were overwhelmingly receptive to messages by brands, and they showed a higher readiness to purchase or consider buying the brands in question. Many leading podcasts had their audiences surveyed online.

Norman Pattiz is an ingenious American pioneer of broadcasting entrepreneurship. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PodcastOne and radio networks Westwood One. Presently, he is targeting the Middle-East where he envisions establishing a vibrant network in noncommercial television similar to CNN, but which will be operated and owned by the US government.

Norman also serves as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States, which steers all international broadcasting on non-military issues. Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, and Voice of America are examples of such stations.

The purpose of the network he has in mind is to beam America’s policies to the Arabic-speaking world. In this mission, he is clearly out to change the negative perception Arabs have of America. Norman Patiz is not a newcomer to such pioneering endeavors, having founded a small radio syndicate in 1976, which is now the largest network organization of broadcasting in America.

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