Bruce Levenson’s AHBE Sues AIG for Failing to Honor Their Insurance Policy

On September 13, 2016, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) took the New Hampshire Insurance Company, also referred to as AIG, to court for breach of contract and insurance offenses. AHBE, the previous owners of Atlanta Hawks, claimed that the insurance company failed to honor the payment of claims that had been made by their former general manager, Danny Ferry. Bruce Levenson, executive partner of AHBE, was actively involved in the lawsuit.

The Refusal by AIG Was Deliberate

According to Bruce Levenson and his colleagues, their company was insured by AIG against, among other things, losses emanating from Workplace Torts and Wrongful Termination. They further claimed that AIG deliberately refused to acknowledge the validity of Ferry’s claims, even when it was clear that the claims fell within the terms of the insurance policy. In the complaint, which was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton, AHBE issued the court with documents showing that indeed Danny had made the said claims in April 2015 and others showing the policy terms under which the company had been insured. AHBE was represented in the case by Barnes & Thornburg LLP law firm.

How It All Started

On June 22, 2015, however, Danny Ferry led AHBE in striking a deal with Tony Ressler, the current principal of Atlanta Hawk, for the transfer of ownership of the NBA team. The amount paid to AHBE and the terms of payment were not disclosed, although the lawsuit showed that AHBE had accrued some unpaid losses. Ressler, however, distanced himself from the lawsuit saying that no ties existed between Atlanta Hawks and the former owners.

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About Bruce Levenson

He is a controlling partner of AHBE, the Atlanta Hawks’ former owners. Washington University and American University are his alma mater. More information on his charity works can be found on

Check out his personal website at

Betsy DeVos, A Force To Be Reckoned With

Betsy DeVos is a rock solid force that continues to conquer every obstacle she finds on her path. It is through her determination to overcome barriers that Betsy has reached a place of fulfillment in her life. Having been married to Dick DeVos, they have been able to build an empire worth billions of dollars. Besides, Betsy DeVos is a grand master in politics, has interests in activism, philanthropy and also happens to be the first and current Cabinet Secretary for Education under Donald Trump’s regime.

Her appointment as cabinet secretary did not come as a mistake. It is because the leader of the free world saw that she had the will and the power to transform this docket, based on her previous works. Besides Betsy DeVos being an educated woman with a bachelor’s degree in business economics, she is a lady deeply in love with giving back to society.

With the help of her husband, she has tried to revolutionize the education system. She does this by offering education institutions in the United States of America that equip students with technical skills, financial aid. It is this money that is then used to expand these schools so as to increase capacity. Also, money given might be used to fund students with great potential but from humbling backgrounds.

Also, Betsy DeVos happens to be a solid Christian believer. She also feels convicted that the American system of governance can only prosper if only it is led by the right leaders. To this end, she has made it her mission to partner with Christian schools around America, so that they can help nurture young minds into responsible leaders. Betsy also offers these organizations financial assistance so as to ensure that their operations bear fruit. Check her website for more info at

Besides, Mrs. DeVos is a great lover of art. It is her belief that the world has come of age, where young talent ought to taken care of in a responsible way. For this reason, she has given grants to the Institute of Justice and Intercollegiate Studies Institute, so as to help young lawyers advance their careers. After all, lawyers are professionals that help streamline society. Follow Betsy on

Maryland College Park Foundation has also been on the receiving end of Betsy DeVos philanthropy since monetary donations have been given to help talented art students perfect their skills. Apart from Betsy having a hand in the American education system, she is also a stout supporter of the Republicans. Using her wealth and influence, she has been able to support many Republican candidates gain power. When you combine all the donations given out by all members of the DeVos family, they amount to more than a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars. Therefore, it is evident enough that Betsy will change the education system in America for the better.

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Securus Technologies Offers a Technology Challenge to Its Main Competitor GTL

Securus, which is a leader in the provision of technological solutions to the criminal justice system has offered a challenge to GTL, its main competitor. The company wants an independent technology expert to assess who has the best and largest set of products to offer clients. They want the judgment to be based on metrics such as expense efficiency, customer service, sophistication and other such metrics.


The CEO of Securus Technologies accused GTL of ‘spinning facts’ by claiming that their services and products were on par with those of his company. Richard A., the CEO said the comparison was not fair since Securus had invested over $700 million back into its business. On the other hand, GTL had only invested a fraction of that amount.


According to the CEO, Securus is better because they own a larger product set than GTL. Additionally, GTL has previously indicated that it outsources most of its customer service unlike Securus, whose customer service is domestic. He also claimed that testing by his company had shown that their customer service was 600% better than that of GTL. Additionally, GTL outsources most of its field technicians, unlike Securus. Thus, GTL technicians may not have the same vested interest in delivering quality customer service like those of Securus.

According to the CEO, one of the best indications that Securus was better than GTL was the customers’ comments. After they had switched from GTL to Securus, he said that many had indicated the experience was much better compared to that of GTL. The CEO said that if he were GTL, he would politely decline the offer, which is what they had done thus far.