Troy MacQuagge- A Global Frontier

Troy is a Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy MacQuagge is a recipient of the Gold Award, and he received the recognition at the Prestigious One Planet event. This award honors enterprise and professional distinction around the globe. All organizations in their capacity as big or small, profit or non-profitable, public or private are expected to submit nomination requests for the award.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance firm located in Ft. Worth Texas with a goal of offering innovative health covers for self-employed persons and startup businesses. Mr. Troy joined the USHEALTH Group in 2010 where he instantaneously rebuilt the captive distribution agency, that is the USHEALTH Advisors, and the move saw him become the President and The Chief Executive Officer In 2014. Since then, the company has become a tremendous success and has grown exponentially within the individual insurance health market.

The company aims at combining the talents of its employees and agents to offer competitive insurance products in health care that are both affordable and reliable. Mr. Troy MacQuagge is one of the biggest motivational icons to the employees of the company. After receiving the One Planet Award in 2016, in a humility fashion, he acknowledged the great team effort of the company in bagging the award in his acceptance speech. The employees of USHEALTH received accolades for their innovation and collective responsibility in driving the company’s agenda of delivering quality and affordable health care products to its clientele.

Troy MacQuagge career began 1983 as an agent at Allstate Insurance Company before he moved to Health Markets Agency Marketing Group in 1995 which was then known as UICI where he was employed to work at the student insurance division. After two years, he was appointed the president of the company, a position he served until 2006 when the enterprise was sold to private investors. The private investors retained him as the president until 2007 to foresee the smooth transition to the firm’s new leadership. Troy has over 30years of experience in the insurance industry and has been of great help while portraying great leadership qualities over his experience and more information click here.

Apart from being one among the best Chief Executive Officers in the field, Troy is an active participant in several charitable causes. His support for children as well as his involvement in humanitarian efforts and human rights advocating is evident in the philanthropic world. He has volunteered at The Phoenix of New Orleans and currently volunteers at the Trinity Habitat for Humanity. His leadership qualities have seen him win various awards including Goldie Steve Award in 2007, Silver Stevie Award in 2012, American Business Award in 2013, Stevie Award for the best sales team and the CEO of the year award 2016 and learn more about Troy.

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Fabletics’ Rise to The Top of the Athletic Wear Market

I’m sure you’ve seen commercials for Fabletics on television or social media. They feature actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson and gal pals working out or doing yoga in absolutely adorable athletic wear that truly makes a fashion statement. Her company, Fabletics, has seen a meteoric rise, garnering $250 million in the three short years since its rollout onto the athletic wear market. While many other companies were charging extremely high prices for fitness wear that basically all looked the same and offered few options to match personal style – Fabletics approached the market in a totally different capacity.


Fabletics uses a reverse showroom model, and that term means exactly what it sounds like. Instead of asking potential buyers to come to the showroom, they bring the showroom right to you, all in a fun and exciting digital space. Many brands lose money due to the consumer trend of “check it out in the store, then buy it on line,” one big box chain of electronics specifically comes to mind. However, Fabletics built just a few key stores and offers the entire shopping experience online so that customers can engage with the brand and know they are getting the best possible price. This has created a vastly loyal customer base that has propelled Fabletics to the top of the athletic wear market and even allowed them to take on mega online wholesale retailer Amazon, who currently owns about 20% of the market share for fitness wear online.


Fabletics also changed up the online shopping game by moving to the membership model, meaning that customers commit to a monthly price and receive their items each month with free returns. This method creates ease in a hectic world where people often don’t have time to shop for themselves in the physical space, so turn to online.


So, while the brand is shaking up HOW people buy athletic wear, they are also changing how people feel about the workout gear they buy. Fabletics offers extremely high quality designer leggings, a variety of trendy tops and tanks, sports bras, shorts and really anything else you could need in fun and fresh styles with bright colors that fit any style. This stems from the brand’s online Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz asks you just a few simple questions such as, what type of exercise you like to do, what outfit fits your personal style, etc. and then ensures that your selections are tailored to exactly what fits your workout “look.” If you haven’t had a chance, check out the Lifestyle Quiz and see what type of gear Fabletics has for you.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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How Nick Vertucci Survived Hardship and Established a Leading Real Estate Academy

Had Nick Vertucci thrown in the towel while he was still in elementary school, perhaps today his story would have been different. But since he did not take his future for granted despite the hardships that he faced, and from the wholehearted support he might have had from his family, the man is today a respected entrepreneur with significant achievements in the real estate industry on Twitter. When he was just ten years old, he lost his father, and the family which included other siblings and his mother faced an uncertain future. Before any of his brothers could contribute to the family kitty, his mother was compelled to work two jobs full time to make ends meets. Their living conditions were hopeless most of the time, but through perseverance, Nick Vertucci somehow managed to survive the worst.

From such an early age, Nick Vertucci was aware of the harsh realities of life, and through the hardships that he faced; he was able to cultivate a strong sense of dedication and resilience which enabled him to start his company. His first taste of financial success came about when he founded his first company that dealt in computer spares and parts on The false start he made in the world of business taught him other realities when he became bankrupt, however, his determination to succeed made him work even harder.

Nick Vertucci decided to venture into real estate where he did not let down his guard even for a minute He studied the fundamentals of the industry, and by being innovative, he established the Nick Vertucci Company Inc., which made him one of the youngest proprietors of a real estate organization. The company later developed to become the NV Real Estate Academy after he had acquired a wealth of knowledge about the industry. The college specializes in educating young people, and other interested individuals about the dynamics of being an entrepreneur in real estate.

The schools are experiencing rapid growth with students from all over the US and the rest of the world applying for admission at The sound reputation that Academy is gathering has necessitated Nick Vertucci to hire a team of professionals knowledgeable in real estate to help in the management of the institution. The entire staff of the Academy is composed of student lecturers, who are dedicated and highly competent in all matters related to the real estate sector, and skilled financial experts who oversee administrative duties concerning the company, official and private phone support for families and groups interested in helping out with the customers and relatives of the academy members.

Engadget’s Praise of Talk Fusion’s Video Chat App

Engadget has reviews of some of the latest trendy apps, and one app that caught their attention was Talk Fusion’s video chat. The app is easy to download through the Google Play or Apple App Store and is available on a wide variety of devices. The app has the ability to record video coming from a webcam or use a video file and send it through an email or instant message to your recipient. But you can also communicate with users live one-on-one and through a link multiple people can converse. This app even won a Product of the Year award in 2016 when it was showcased at the Technology Media Corporation’s event.

Talk Fusion is a growing marketing and public relations company that’s used video as the medium for its messaging. It was founded about 10 years ago by Bob Reina who decided to retire from being a police officer and take on direct selling. It started with various miscellaneous products, but Reina felt he would find a better idea that could turn millions. Then it came to him as he was on vacation and taking videos. He couldn’t send them via email, so he decided to have software designed that could. By 2007 he and his team of engineers had formed the Talk Fusion suite.

Talk Fusion’s products rely on WebRTC technology, and it started with one program aimed specifically at video email marketing and evolved to newsletters, signup forms and videoconferencing tools. Talk Fusion now has free trials for all of its products that customers can signup for without using their credit card information. But Talk Fusion’s monthly program also has affordable rates and more often than not, customers are so satisfied they subscribe to the premium features and more information click here.

Talk Fusion’s associates earn money by reselling the products and even referring new associates to the program. Reina also has rewards programs included to incentivize associates including a new trip to Milan, Italy as part of the vacation package. Talk Fusion also has a philanthropy initiative that allows associates to give away a Talk Fusion monthly account to any non-profit they choose and what Talk Fusion knows.

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Hussain Sajwani is Not Only Kind but Brilliant

Hussain Sajwani created Damac Properties in 2002, a residential real estate development company. Since it’s creation he has been successful by using a Dubai government decree to his benefit, which allowed foreigners to own land in the emirate. Hussain Sajwani’s first 38-story residential building sold quickly to non-Emiratis in a period of 6 months. That impressive sale lead him to new opportunities in real estate.

In 2013 Donald Trump and Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani teamed up and created the destination: The Trump International Golf Course Dubai. Tiger Woods also helped design the Trump World Golf Course that Sajwani’s company built.

DAMAC Properties participates in the expansion of commercial, residential and recreational properties in Dubai and all over the Middle East. They are well known for their luxurious properties and breath taking views the modern statuesque buildings provide. They expect to provide all the luxury a person could want during the entire process of obtaining a home with them.

Besides Donald Trump, DAMAC Properties also works with Bugatti, Paramount Hotels and Resorts, Fendi Casa, Tiger Woods, as previously mentioned, and Versace. They work to only provide the best to their residents and investors. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

The company dates back all the way to 2002 when they began producing luxury real estate. They provide the best living arrangements in Dubai and are unmatched by any other companies. DAMAC Properties are well known for their “limited edition” apartment towers providing only the most extravagant home design. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

In 2004 they designed one of the tallest residential towers in the entire world; Ocean Heights which provides amazing views of the Palm Jumeirah. In 2007, DAMAC Properties had their first project in Saudia Arabia. It’s a magnificent building with a crisp modern build.

Fendi Casa signed a contract with DAMAC properties in 2013 and have been successfully working together ever since. Fendi started designing apartment homes for Hussain Sajwani for projects in Saudia Arabia and Dubai.

DAMAC Properties most recent accomplishment has been the launch of the Dubai Trump International Golf Club, as well as the launch of Damac Hills. There are also very successful projects with Paramount Hotels & Resorts where they have built 5 star hotels providing an exciting experience full of opulence.

Hussain Sajwani is a magnificent philanthropist. He has recently given a cheque for the amount of two million dollars to the AED. The AED is a campaign to provide clothing to a million children all over the world that are deprived of it. Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties are extremely excited to help children get access to basic essentials like clothing.

Why Buying a Used BMW at Beverly Hills Auto Group Is a Smart Option

BMW is famous for producing luxury cars with one purpose: Providing the best driving experience possible. However, it is no surprise that this experience comes at a cost. For this reason, people in the market for a BMW often choose to buy used. Buying a used BMW even one model year earlier is much less expensive than buying a brand new one, and the purchaser is getting essentially the same quality and driving experience.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is a fantastic option when shopping for a used BMW at a fair price. At Beverly Hills Auto Group, buyers can shop for a new BMW without the hassle of dealing with pushy salespeople. Beverly Hills Auto Group ensures each and every vehicle sold meets the high standards buyers have for a used car. With Beverly Hills Auto Group, buyers can own the BMW driving experience without spending too much.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a global leader and lender in the alternative sources of finance. For the company, they are always thrilled to offer the best services concerning fast working capital in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, better business management is accompanied in this category of development. Equities First Holdings as worked, since its inception, to become the cornerstone in the development of issues concerning animated capabilities. For those companies that are not working to attain better business management, they might consider using stock-based loans to secure fast working capital during the harsh economic crisis.

During the harsh economic climate, banks and other companies issuing credit loans tighten their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, they will never cease to amaze their impending entities. For this reason, they look forward to making more money in business as a result of the hardened financial life. Stock-based loans are simulated with margin loans. For most people, they think that stock-based loans are different from the margin loans. As a matter of fact, no one has a better management capability than those who are not entitled to achieve better business and more information click here.

Al Christy is the CEO and Founder of the company. For him, management is related to capability assurance in a manner that is never titled in this platform. For you to get financed with the stock-based loans, you must submit your stocks for scrutiny. Therefore, you can get better business capabilities using stock-based loans because they offer low-interest rates. Stock-based loans offer a higher loan-to-value ratio. While most people consider that stock-based loans are seamless with margin loans, there are many marked differences between the two loans. Increased loan qualification criterion characterizes margin loans.

For you to qualify for the margin loans, you must state the intended use of the money as a way of qualification. Therefore, time is not expected to state the benefits associated with these loans. Stock-based loans are never entitled to become the best entity in business and strategy. Stock-based loans are characterized by the non-purpose feature that allows you to secure the loan without stating the intended use and learn more about Equities First.

The Scientist journey of Jim Tananbaum in Foresite Capital

Foresite Capital provides growth opportunities to most of the upcoming healthcare champions. The leaders must have disruptive goods and facilities that are based across unrestricted and restricted markets. The firm is located in San Francisco. It has one of the offices found in New York.

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO as well as the founder of Foresite Capital. He has about 1.1 billion assets in the management department. Jim has attained in-depth experience in investing the healthcare companies as well as building them consequently. Apart from him being the founder of Foresite Capital, he also co-founded two biopharmaceuticals that lead and other two investment practices of healthcare practices. After he was through with his medical education at Harvard Medical institution, he founded NASDAQ: GENZ. This brought to the market two drugs which were sold at $80 billion. Today, these drugs are generated in revenues at $ 1billion.

The investment experience enhanced Jim to become CEO and founder of Theravance. On the investment department, he was a founder partner of both Prospect Venture Partners 2 and 3. Earlier in the career of Jim, he helped with establishing health services investment exercise. He established that when he acted as the partner at Sierra Ventures. He has also led various investment companies such as Amira pharmaceutical, Amerigroup Jazz, and Healtheon. When he founded these firms, he had a vision of marrying elements of all features. He was aimed at creating a novel platform for investment. You can visit Forbes to know more.

Foresite Capital is also making big steps in the industry and has recently announced the entry of Dr. He in the company. Dr. He is one of the most talented scientific gurus and will be a great talent in the healthcare industry. Her extensive knowledge in drug development and genomics makes her a big catch in the healthcare sector.

Education and certification of Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum graduated from Yale University. This is one of the best universities that is aimed at sharing and expanding the science world. He managed to attain BS and BSEE degrees. At the Harvard University, he earned both M.B.A and M.D. Still, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jim attained Masters in Science. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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Larry King Features On U.S. Money Reserve’s New Direct Response Television

U.S. Money Reserve ranks as one of the largest private distributors of foreign and US government-issued silver, platinum and gold. Recently, the company launched an innovative new direct response television (DRTV) known as 2016 Gold Summit.

The show, which runs for 28 minutes, is hosted in Los Angeles at the 2016 Gold Summit. Larry King is the program’s moderator. Besides the renowned personality, other notable persons have been featured in the show. They include President Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, Michael Reagan.

He appears early in the program outlining his father’s belief that every American should own gold. Soon after, the trio of Philip Diehl, John Rothans and Brad Castillo speaks eloquently about the merits of owing U.S. government precious metals, recent events that have an impact on gold’s bull market, the dollar and its purchasing power and market volatility.

The three are the U.S. Money Reserve’s president, Master Numismatist and former vice president in charge of sales at the institution respectively.

Angela “Angie” Koch posited that the success of the 2016 Gold Summit Show was a clear testament of the hard work and talent of the award-winning production team. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Koch is the chief executive officer of U.S. Money Reserve. She posited that they were honored to host Larry King as the panelist’s moderator. She went ahead to assert that the company’s relationship with Michael and his personal friendship with Larry King made it easy for the two living legends to work cordially for the unique program. The organizers of the event posited that the DRTV show would be aired is select media markets across the country.

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About U.S. Money Reserve

The corporation has been in operation for many years. This way, they have built trust with their clients. U.S. Money Reserve urges the public to purchase precious metals with confidence. Over the years, the corporation has provided its vast client base with exceptional gold coins and the highest level of service in the market.

Their professionals, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, have been advising clients on the ideal combination of precious metals that can enhance their portfolios. To this end, customers are enjoying profits owing to their wise purchases.

To date, the company has satisfactorily served more than 400,000 clients. U.S. Money Reserve has succeeded because of having innovative teams and effective departments.

These departments include the vault and shipping section, compliance and standards division, customer relations department, and inventory unit. The company has recruited the services of account executives, order verification personnel leading numismatic experts and coin research professionals.


The Lung Institute Gives A Second Chance

Jack Coleman from the Lung Institute was a key speaker at the l Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research. This event in Italy is the prime location where stem cell experts get together to discuss moral and political struggles with this field of medicine.

Coleman’s role at the event was to share his company’s struggle with dealing with backward regulatory agencies. The medical system in the United States prefers to continue using outdated treatment methods since it is profitable. Although it should be considered immoral, American medical doctors increase the suffering of patients due to market factors. It should be the duty of the doctor to relieve their patients.

The presentation of Dr. Coleman walked the viewers through different steps of the research process. As we can see, it is very difficult to get approved for clinical trials. This is suspect that the FDA and other regulatory institutions are financially influenced by the deep pockets of bio industries. The research market in the country is now hindered due to such reservations.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is often seen as an unfortunate diagnosis with very slim treatment plans. Although the disease is very common as of late, the medical system still pushes ineffective treatment methods in order to reduce symptoms. According to, those with severe COPD will be left for dead by the medical industry.

Decades of smoking is now leaving Generation X and baby boomers with completely wrecked lungs. This is the leading cause of COPD and hopes future generations will learn from their mistakes. With the damage caused over time, nearly all heavy smokers are doomed to have COPD. Genetic defects and exposure to chemicals in the workplace are other leading factors.

Luckily, The Lung Institute is one of the few medical companies that care. Using the latest stem cell treatments,, patients are finally able to recover partially. Clients that were otherwise bound to their bed are now able to walk reasonable distances. People are able to play with the kids, return to work, and enjoy their favorite activities thanks to the help of stem cell research. The country needs to rethink its stance on restricting stem cells. Visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page to learn more.

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